Off the Record

An interactive narrative produced in partnership with Study Hall and designed & coded by Mary Truong. This interactive story aims to provide a window into a week as a journalist of color. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. However,…

Content Marketing

A compendium of articles written as part of digital marketing campaigns, for company blogs or assigned by companies as part of content marketing strategies.

Editorial Work: Narratively

Work done sourcing pitches and editing stories for award-winning longform story platform Narratively, as Guest Editor, then Contributing Editor.

What makes a company worth working for?

“Uber, VICE, Amazon, and now Snapchat have proven that the biggest and shiniest companies aren’t necessarily the best places to work. While big names, high salaries, and comfortable benefits may attract employees, they do little to keep them there if other, equally important needs aren’t met.”

Modern medicine is failing men by diagnosing them with borderline personality disorder

Men with borderline personality disorder get the shortest end of a stunted stick; not only are they thrust into a highly stigmatized group, but they’re made to feel they’re the only ones there. Although it’s now been suggested that there are just as many borderline men as women, until recently, on the books, there was a 3:1 female to male ratio in BPD.”

Female Eco-Activists Live in ‘Constant State of Fear’ in Latin America

“In 2015, after receiving anonymous death threats and requesting police protection, community leader Maria das Dores Priante was kidnapped, tortured and executed with multiple shots to the face after being involved in land disputes in Brazil. Earlier this year, two men were charged with her murder. In 2016, Peruvian farmer Maxima Acuna and her husband…

The After Series: 4 Things I Wish I’d Known While Grieving

“We can disconnect cleanly from certain things and remain deeply attached to others. We can mourn marriages while needing divorces. We can grieve family members we never got along with in real life. We can yearn for our homes long after we’ve settled in new places. Identifying the source of your grief is integral to…

On Journalism

Compendium of articles written for HackPack.Press on the subject of journalism; trends, resources, tools, interviews and analysis.

There are 196 Sides to Every Story

“My generation was largely unemployed. We were pursuing extra degrees we couldn’t really afford or retreating to alcohol or drugs to numb the reality that the ‘careers’ section of the paper was blank. Our scant networks offered no opportunities, and endless resumes didn’t solicit so much as a rejection e-mail.” Read more at WorldPulse.

Brexit results underscore need for more balanced, vigilant journalism

“As journalists, it is easy to color our work with our views when swept up in the fury of crisis or turmoil. We often feel strongly about the issues we’re reporting, and can feel we’re performing a public service by writing what we believe is true, whether it’s that immigrants are leading to economic collapse…

Guyana: mental illness, witchcraft, and the highest suicide rate in the world.

“Mental illness is misunderstood in the country, with symptoms often mistakenly attributed to witchcraft (known locally as obeah). Communities often ostracise sufferers, and on occasion have physically assaulted them, at times with the endorsement of religious leaders, who are highly respected figures.” Read more at The Guardian. Feature image by flickr user Scot Nelson, licensed under…